Hump Day Video – Fist “Bumping”

Welcome to our first installment of Hump Day Videos.  This is where we will showcase products in unique ways.

Available in Black or White
Available in Black or White

In this installment we bring you the Rebel Exxxtreme from Si Novelties.  A great buy at only $61.99 it is less expensive than similar products, is exceptionally light-weight, and has an amazing suction cup that we tested by moving a card table around our warehouse (that would have made a great video, too!).

Here we showcase an alternate use of the Rebel Exxxtreme: Fist Bumping.  Because sometimes you need a fist…bump and there’s no one around!

Can you think of some other Non-Traditional uses for the Rebel Fist?  Boxing partner? Home Defense?  Let us know in the comments below.

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