Featured Friday: Essentials pt. 1

Welcome to our First Featured Friday!  Every Friday we’re going to feature some new, unique, or must have items that are available at Dreamers.  These will be best sellers, unique items, or in the case of this first installment: Toy Chest Essentials.

This will be 2 parts because every toy box should include these 4 basic items: Straight Vibe, Rocket, G-spot, and Wand.  These are also perfect for beginners who are purchasing their first toys.  Each toy focuses on different areas, for instance, the basic vibe is for those who prefer internal stimulation.  The Rocket is more for clitoral stimulation, G-spot vibes tell you exactly what their focus is, and the wand is a great, powerful multi-function toy (especially when you add attachments).

For part 1 we’ll tackle what we call a basic vibe and the rocket vibe.

Basic Vibe

Available online or in store for $12.99.
Available online or in store for $12.99.

The basic vibe is usually most women’s first vibe.  Generally made of an ABS plastic, or similar body safe plastic, it is torpedo shaped but without a realistic head, this is why we’ve nicknamed them “Basic Vibes”.  Most are generally multi-speed with a turn dial at their most basic, but advanced versions will have push buttons, multi-functions, and can come in different textures and sizes.  You can even get a few that are realistic looking, but still keep that basic “speed dial” design.

The 7 inch muli-speed vibe from Shibari (whose products we’ll be featuring in this post) is a great example,  and at $12.99 it’s a great price!  Comes in 3 colors Pink, Puple, or Silver and allows you to dial up the speed to your liking.  Even better it’s waterproof which allows you to use it in the shower, and makes cleaning a breeze.  Uses 2 AA batteries (sold separately).

Rocket Vibes

Only $7.99!
Only $7.99!

The best know of these is the Pocket Rocket from Doc Johnson (which is the original).  They are perfect for targeting the clitoris or nipples and can be used alone or with your significant other.  They are a great couple’s toy, especially straight couples because they are less intimidating to men than many other toys. Another great thing about a rocket vibe is that they are actually massagers, so they are super discreet.  They’re palm-sized, so you can hide it in most any sized purse, and they’re simple to use.  Great for vacations, just be sure to remove the batteries so they don’t go off in your luggage 🙂

These also come in the basic version, which is a simple on/off type, but many new ones come with variable speeds, and most have attachments for different sensations.  The Shibari Pocket Pleasure comes with 4 different attachments, is also waterproof, uses 1 AA battery, and at $7.99 it’s another great value!


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