Consent is Sexy

If you were a product of the Texas public school system then you probably had very little to no sex ed.  I remember, very vaguely, a seminar during PE when I was in Jr. High.  I remember taking a health class in high school, but not a single thing of what that class pertained to. […]

Take a look at our Forest Hill Store

We’ve shot our first video showcasing one of our flagship locations, Dreamers in Forest Hill.  The video highlights our changes for the fall, including the arrival of costumes for Halloween. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sex Positive Entrepreneurs via HUFFPOST

Huffington Post recently posted an article on Sex Positive Entrepreneurs.   Sex is everywhere. From billboards to steamy movie plots to come-hither musical lyrics, the pursuit of pleasure surrounds us. And yet, sex remains one of the most uncomfortable and stigmatized topics for American women. Much of the uneven attitudes are based on an assumption […]

One Star Review or LONE STAR REVIEW!

Dreamers is no stranger to controversy.  We sell toys that look like penises after all.  So when we received this review yesterday, I was not surprised. In case you can’t see the image it says This place supports the liberal whacko students at UT who flaunt their sexual anarchy in schizophrenic opposition to peaceful licensed […]

Pokemon Go…somewhere else

If you’ve been online recently you’ve heard of #Pokemon Go and the hilarious places Pokemon have shown up.  Pokemon Go is such a big phenomenon that it surpassed porn in online searches. Now, Dreamers has inadvertently become a gym, which is all kinds of wrong. We have let the creators know that they should really […]

Come See the New Look of Dreamers San Antonio

We’ve been making some changes over the past month and we’d love for you to come check out what’s new. The moment you drive up you’ll notice we’ve given the store a bit of a facelift. Once you open the door the changes are immediately noticeable. We’ve moved many things around, so don’t hesitate to […]