Featured Product for February

Eye of Love Pheromone Products

Eye of Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’ve got a little something to help make your Valentine want you just a tad more: Eye of Love fragrances!

Eye of Love has fragrances for men and women, gay or straight.  Eye of Love was created with synthetic pheromones and though the pheromones themselves are odorless, Eye of Love added special fragrances to enhance the effect.  To find out more about the science behind pheromones check out Eye Of Love’s website.  For the results of a highly informal experiment check out this Thrillist Article.

Through the month of February, we’ve got a great deal on the full-size bottles (only $35.99) and the roll-ons ($9.99), stop by any Dreamers location (offer only available in stores) to take advantage of these awesome deals.  We’ve also got gift sets for that special someone.


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