Ronda Rousey just picked a fight with…lube?

First off, we LOVE Ronda Rousey! She’s an amazing person, incredible athlete, and seriously the best MMA fighter around. Her name should be spoken in the same breath as Ali and Jordan. However, I wouldn’t put her in the same category as Dr. Ruth or Dr. Laura Berman. In her new column for Maxim, the MMA Champ is dishing out sex and dating advice based on questions submitted by readers.

Some of the advice is great, (who doesn’t love making pancakes with your significant other), some is really just about dating her, (I don’t think a guy will get far bringing cider and wings to a statistically significant portion of women), but her advice on lube is just wrong.

Like her advice about a perfect date being tail gaiting probably only applying to her and a few other girls, some women just need lube no matter what a guy does.  Female lubrication is affected by one’s body chemistry and “wetness” is not a reliable sign of arousal.  Ms. Magazine did a great blog about using lube (and not feeling something is wrong with you if you need it) that women should read.

While Ms. Rousey may think there is something wrong with your man if you need lube, the fact is that some women just need it.  Not to mention if you are one of the many women who is battling cancer and  experience vaginal dryness due to the treatment you are receiving.  Really, lube is no different than bringing a toy into the bedroom: If it makes your sex better, why not?

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Take the 2.5oz bottle for a spin!
Take the 2.5oz bottle for a spin!

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