Featured Friday: Essentials Part 2

Welcome to Featured Friday! Every Friday we’re going to feature some new, unique, or must have items that are available at Dreamers.

Today we continue with the Toy Chest Essentials.  These are toys that should be in every adult toy chest.

In this second installment we feature the Wand Massager!

 Wand Massager

This is one of those, *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge* type of items.  It’s a neck massager and does great for that, but it can do oh, so much more! This was always a popular toy, but thanks to Sex and the City, more women were calling it like they saw it. (we got these screen caps from tumbler user thingsilearnedfromsatc)

thank you tumbler user thingsilearnedfromsatc



If it’s good enough for Samantha, it’s good enough for you.  The Hitachi Magic Wand is the one most people purchase, but this segment of adult toys has really opened up in recent years.  There are now, pocket sized versionsmulti-speed versions and wireless versions that are as powerful, if not more so, than the Magic Wand.  Luxury brand, Lelo, has also developed their own Smart Wand that sells for over $200.

But for those of you just starting out, or trying a wand for the first time, we suggest the Shibari My Wand.  Priced at $59.99 it’s reasonably priced and is the 2-speed model that most wand users are accustomed to (speeds best described as omg and OMG.)

Only $59.99 online or in stores
Only $59.99 online or in stores

Shibari also makes a 10-speed model (Shibari Halo 10x) that is wireless and comes in 3 colors (purple, black, and pink) which we sell for $87.99.  Wireless, 10 speeds, charges via usb, and is waterproof, what more could you ask for?

Go home Shibari Halo, you're drunk.
Go home Shibari Halo, you’re drunk.

Next week we’ll finish off our Essentials with the G-spot vibes.

Till then, let us know what you think about wand massagers.  Many women have told us it’s still their favorite, and have told us more intimate details than that.

Do you love your wand massager?  Let us know in the comments below.


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